• Sadia L., June 2021 Batch

    I joined Hope tele-rotation in the month of June, 2021. Overall, it was a great learning experience. Although in virtual format, it encompassed a variety of sessions throughout the week, including case discussions, ERAS application and residency interview preparation guide, along with power point presentations by fellow doctors. Each session was a unique learning opportunity in itself that added to my clinical knowledge every day. I presented the "diagnostic evaluation of hyponatremia" to fellow doctors that led me to research about the topic and discuss the details in a simplified and understandable way. It boosted up my confidence level too! The preceptor has a gentle and kind attitude towards the students, and engages them actively in the sessions. My big thanks to our preceptor and the team of coordinators for arranging this awesome tele-rotation that has been my best experience so far! 

  • Lubaba M., June 2021 Batch

    Hello. I am Dr Lubaba Mukhtar. I graduated from King Edward Medical University in 2019 and joined Hope telehealth rotation for the session June, 2021. My experience here with the hope team has been nothing short of extraordinary. I have learnt a lot as a medical professional and as a human being. The preceptor's punctuality, his dedication towards his patients, his motivation to teach and share his knowledge was indeed admirable. The classes were well organized, lectures were delivered brilliantly. I learnt about the American health care system and its many intricacies which is an invaluable lesson. Throughout this rotation, we came across patient cases in the general ward and in the ICU settings. Learning about the presentation and management of such cases was a very knowledgeable asset. I was given the opportunity to present the topic "hypertension in dialysis patients". Doing the presentation itself and listening to the presentations of other fellow doctors during our weekly didactic sessions really helped me hone my skills as a presenter. It helped me build confidence. Each class was interactive, everyone was given an opportunity to ask questions and no one was made to feel left out. This harmonious atmosphere encouraged us to learn more and participate more through healthy competition. There was an overall optimistic and motivational vibe about this rotation which kept us afloat. I would highly recommend hope telehealth rotation to medical professionals aspiring to be physicians in the US.  

  • Uvie Ajibawo-A., June 2021 Batch

    I am Uvie Ajibawo-Aganbi, I participated in this rotation in the month of June. I learnt a lot from this rotation during this month. We discussed cases that were new to me, and the style of the preceptor lectures was unique and made every hospital round case discussed interesting. Thank you for this experience.

  • Amna Yousaf S., June 2021 Batch

    I had the opportunity to rotate with HOPE in June 2021. During my month-long rotation, I gained insight not only about EMR system in the US healthcare but also got to know more about issues such as insurance and quality assessment in the US healthcare system. Being able to understand these topics was the highlight of my rotation since as an IMG we rarely get to have discussions on these topics. I would highly recommend this rotation to anyone wanting to get a deeper insight about the US healthcare system and is interested in life as a doctor in the US. 

  • Sai Dheeraj G., April to June 2021 

    In the 3 months of my participation from April to June, I have learnt a great deal from the preceptor, the rotation covered both the fields of Internal Medicine and Nephrology, but more than that.. we learnt a great deal about the intricacies of medical practice in the United States. The Preceptor really encourages us to become better, the sheer daily dose of positivity and motivation we had in this rotation is quite remarkable !!!, the preceptor is a really down to earth, simple, practical and empathetic teacher, all in all this rotation is one the best I have done.  

  • Maira A., June 2021 Batch

    I’m Dr Maira Ahmad from Allama Iqbal Medical College Pakistan. I rotated for the month of June 2021 and I must say that it was a very enriching experience. The cases were discussed in an organized and systematic way to give you a proper view of history taking and management pertaining to each medical problem. The didactic sessions are very knowledgeable to discuss multiple important diseases. I gave a presentation on “Volume Status Management in Hemodialysis Patients; From Art to Science” which was a very unique and interesting topic and definitely added new information to our knowledge. Apart from the clinical knowledge, the unique feature of this rotation is that they provide you wholesome guidance about the US health care system, NRMP match cycle and interviews which is very hard to find anywhere else. The preceptor puts an extra effort to teach all the important and unique cases to everyone, understand each participant and to interact with them so that everyone gets a chance to participate. He has become an inspiration for us all with all that knowledge and positivity. When I joined this rotation, I was very confused about a lot of things but after rotating with them, it’s like I’ve been directed to a simplified pathway to my goal. Thank you so much for all the guidance and the optimism. I would definitely recommend it to my friends and fellow doctors to avail this opportune rotation as fast as they can. Thank you 🙂 

  • Bishnu S., June 2021 Batch

    Hello I am Dr Bishnu Singh. I am a graduate of Kathmandu Medical College in Nepal. I have joined Hope Tele rotation for the month of June. It has been a wonderful experience in this tele rotation. Our mentor has been wonderful. He has been a great teacher. We were able to learn a lot of cases from him. We were fascinated about his approach and we were also given equal opportunity to express ourselves during this rotation which had been wonderful. In addition to that we were also guided on the application process for the match as well as different interview skills, which is definitely going to be helpful in the future we were also given opportunity for the presentation in different topics. My topic of presentation was management of acute kidney injury in hospitalized patient. In the end I think the Hope tele rotations was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a US clinical experience in this pandemic situation. HOPE is an excellent place to be and by saying that I would like to thank all the team members of hope for giving me the opportunity. Thank you very much.

  • Justine Carlo G., June 2021 Batch

    Hi! I'm Dr. Justine Carlo Guevarra from the Philippines. I would like to thank the preceptor and the whole staff of Hope Telerotation program for allowing me to grow as a physician. This program lets you develop your clinical skills by presenting interesting cases that you must manage. Aside from that, several talks regarding the whole USMLE matching and process are given to help the applicant. You will also be assigned one case that you will report to your fellow doctors. Definitely, joining this program has helped me develop my clinical skills as a physician, build self-confidence and get some helpful tips for the match. It is good and I'm thinking of doing a second month rotation here! 

  • Hadia T., June 2021 Batch

    It was one of the most profoundly insightful rotations in my experience. Not only as participants did we get in-depth exposure to the US health care system by case discussions and EMR system. But we also built up our diagnostic skills and knowledge reserve by the weekly didactic sessions. Perhaps the most beneficial element of the whole rotation was the regular orientations conducted to help one be more informed and smarter regarding the upcoming Match 2022 and how to prepare for it thoroughly. All in all, a very fruitful rotation. Loved being a part of the HOPE team! 

  • Samar S., June 2021 Batch

    My name is Dr Samar Sajid. I am a graduate of Dow Medical College. We had a great time here at hope clinical rotation. Discussed real patients, nephrology and internal medicine cases, topic presentations, interview tips. I definitely recommend it to others. Thankyou. 

  • Neil E., June 2021 Batch

    Hi. My name is Neil Espiritu. I graduated from Angeles University Foundation, Philippines. I would recommend the tele rotation because the schedule is convenient. There is lecture about match every Wednesday. You are also given a chance to present an assigned subject topic every Friday. The preceptor is knowledgeable with IM-Nephro. He presents his cases and do a fruitful didactic session with everyone. 

  • Rohini N., June 2021 Batch

    Hello everyone! I'm Dr. Rohini Nepal. I graduated from Dhaka, Bangladesh, and joined tele rotation with HOPE institute in the month of June 2021. So, this was a really enlightening experience for me; our preceptor would discuss cases with us on a day-to-day basis about the unique cases he saw as a nephrologist in his hospital practice. Not only that, he also assigned us with presentation topics, and I presented on the topic of CKD with diet and a special focus on phosphorus. Apart from that, he also encourages us on a daily basis, he also provides guidance on how we can further advance our career, our application process, and what we should do and what we should not do, and the process of application. So, all in all, it was a really good experience, it was also like a good adventure. So, whoever is willing to hop on to the stream, I would suggest they join in! So, thank you so much. 

  • Richa D., June 2021 Batch

    My experience at HOPE Tele-rotation has been incredible. It is a well-structured program where we got chance to see real hospital cases and have extensive discussion on each case. In addition, the lectures and didactic sessions on different insightful topics helped us expand our horizon of knowledge. I was also provided with an opportunity to present on the topic "Risk and treatment of Hyperkalemia". I would like to express my gratitude towards whole team of HOPE clinical rotations for being a bridge between us IMGs and US health care system and help us understand the difference. Thank you so much. -Dr. Richa Dhakal Kathmandu, Nepal 

  • Azka A., June 2021 Batch

    I am Dr Azka Ali, a graduate of King Edward Medical University Lahore Pakistan. I rotated with Hope clinical rotation in the month of June 2021. I had a wonderful experience with the preceptor and the whole team. The preceptor takes keen interest in knowing each student personally as well as grooming them for the awaited American life. The rotation comprised of hospital case discussions, ICU cases management, presentations and didactic sessions by the students, ERAS and interview guidance and a lot more. I feel more confident and more familiar with the whole American healthcare system at the end of 4 weeks. I am very grateful to have landed this opportunity and would definitely recommend it to other students in search of a great experience. 

  • Bibek A., June 2021 Batch

    My name is Bibek Adhikari. I graduated from Peoples' Friendship University of Russia in 2017. Presently I am working in a hospital as medical officer. I am involved in HOPE tele rotation in the month of June. I am having a wonderful experience with HOPE. I got chance to be familiar with US health care system and dialysis center. Also, to understand duty of internal medicine resident in USA. Got to learn many interesting cases example CMV pneumonitis, Wegner disease, metabolic acidosis. Cases of ICU was also discussed which was really insightful. I was also familiarized with My ERAS process and interview skills. We had presentation every Friday which was great opportunity to recall and improve our knowledge. I presented in the topic of "Evaluation and management of hypertensive emergency". We also got to know about insurance policy, medical ethics, Medicaid and care, different specialties of medicine. I would definitely recommend HOPE tele rotation to my colleagues and friends. 

  • Anjan Kumar B., June 2021 Batch

    A great learning experience. I understood about various US health care system including insurance, quality control measures, HIPAA and common ethical dilemma situations in health care setting. After a month of rotation, my level of understanding and self-confidence have increased. The personal relationship with the mentor is a great advantage to receive a personalized LOR.

  • Shreya B., June 2021 Batch

    The tele rotation stood beyond my expectations. I feel like it needs no amends as of now and I will definitely recommend it to my juniors.

  • Shipra S., June 2021 Batch

    I was very satisfied with the tele rotation. I think it is perfect for someone looking for a USCE in the current condition. 

  • Saher T., June 2021 Batch

    My experience at Hope Tele-rotations has been amazing as I took it the month of June. I love the way the preceptor made it so meaningful by planning out the entire curriculum in a way that it was interactive and didactic. I got to learn about US clinical practices and health system in an effective yet simple way. I was given the opportunity to present on the topic -Resistant Hypertension -Its definition, risk factors and evaluation. The weekly presentations on various topics proved to contribute to our knowledge and helped us to understand the importance of team work. The case discussions were interesting and the entire experience was so motivating that it kindled enthusiasm and positivity in me. Our preceptor definitely is an excellent teacher, mentor and inspiring physician. I am so happy that I got the opportunity to be a part of this rotation. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for an impactful learning experience. 

  • Poojitha P., June 2021 Batch

    Hello everyone. I'm Poojitha Pathakamudi a medical graduate from Mediciti Institute of Medical Sciences-India. I rotated with HOPE team in the months of May-June. As we all know how pandemic has affected the USCE opportunities we are looking forward to. I must say it is not an exaggeration that working experience with the Preceptor is definitely worth our wait for hands-on experience. I particularly learned much more than just core knowledge and I am sure this experience with preceptor will make everyone a better human being. The idea of transferring all the funds to foundation is the most inspiring thing and am proud I could contribute to that a little. I would like to thank the whole team for this extraordinary and a memorable rotation.